Love What’s in Season is about celebrating and creating awareness of the New Zealand flower growers and floriculture sector. This is about shining a spotlight on the local products produced, the flower industry and the art of bringing joy through a beautiful product.

In celebration for our June "Love What's In Season" 2019, we had a 'behind-the-scenes' look at Drury, South Auckland grower Ruby Orchids. From the growing house to production and processing, see below the process that goes into getting your Cymbidium Orchids to your home.

Dirk and Hanneke Oostdam from Ruby Orchids, is a local Cymbidium grower in Drury, South Auckland, Auckland. Dirk and Hanneke have been growing Cymbidium Orchids since 1990 on the property and grow a variety of colours from pure white, bright yellows and copper tones.