Meet Mollie O'Brien and property manager/head grower Jack, from Primavera Farms based in Mauku, Auckland.

Mollie is one of our biggest Hypericum Berry growers, producing a wide variety of different colours to supply the NZ market. On the property, Mollie and Jack also grower Snapdragons, Sunflowers, Statice, Hydrangeas, Lilttle Gem Magnolia and Queen Anne's Lace, which is sent across to different markets.

Mollie grows six different colours of Hypericum Berries, from pink to white. Hypericum Berries are available almost year-round, with only a three-month gap in supply starting from June, July and August.

Hypericum Berries are hardy, long-lasting cut product and has the vase life of 3 to 4 weeks once cut. They make for beautiful foliage filler for events and bouquets, a popular wedding choice for many brides during summer months.

See below images of their beautiful property and products.