Caring for your flowers

To get longevity from your fresh cut flowers,
follow some of our quick and easy tips below,
or download our quick guide for easy reference.

Flower Care Tips

Compostable Flower Food Sachet - Chrysal
A new compostable flower food sachet has been introduced to the market in which is made from...
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6 Interesting Facts About Peonies
NZ Peony season is only around the corner and it's something to get excited about! Delicate, soft...
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Pampas Grass vs Toetoe
A popular wedding trend is helping spread a noxious weed around the country.
Wedding season about...
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Our Five Favourite Things - July
This is our round up of the things we loved, the things that inspired us and the things we can't...
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Love What's In Season - Proteas
New Zealand Protea season is here!
For the month of May, we're celebrating Proteas! Starting in...
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Love What's In Season - Freesias
New Zealand Freesia season is here!
For the Month of April, we're celebrating Freesias! Starting...
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Discover "Love What's In Season"
Love What’s in Season is about celebrating and creating awareness of the New Zealand flower...
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Love What's In Season - Tulips
The New Zealand Tulip season is here!
For the month of March, we're starting Feel Good With Flowers...
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February Flower of the Month - Limonium
Sweet, wispy and papery, Limonium is made up of hundreds of tiny blooms. A popular wedding...
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Caring for Asiatic and Oriental Lilies
Asiatic and Oriental varieties of Lilies are some of the most well know and popular flowers on the...
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Caring for Spring Flowers
Nothing screams JOY more than a vase of spring flowers. That's why it's important to ensure you are...
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