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Feb 4, 2020

A Valentine'S Day Interview With Flower Shop Florist Wellington

We sat down with Kamini from Flower Shop Florist to discuss trending Valentine's Day designs, what she does to prepare her shop and what self-care method does she use to keep up with the rush!

1. Do you believe roses will be the biggest floral request for 2020 Valentine’s designs or have you seen a shift in trends towards other flowers?

Yes, I believe Roses are the most popular type of flower ordered for Valentines Day. It is a traditional flower that expresses the emotion of love.

2. What do you or your team do to prepare for Valentine’s Day orders/rush? E.g. hire more staff, only provide certain styles, create a widespread ‘Valentine’s Day themed options

We do hire more staff to help with the immediate rush and to get bouquets made on time for the couriers to collect from our flower shop. This year having Valentine's Day fall on a Friday we will be prepared much earlier than normal so that we can fulfil as many orders as we can and be available for last-minute customers who walk into our shop on the day. We also order more stock in such as chocolate and gifts like Teddy Bears and balloons to go with the flowers. We create a window display and write up the orders as soon as they come in so that there isn’t a stack load to write closer to the time of Valentine's day.

3. What type of self-care do you practice past/before Valentine’s Day?

I would do anything that relaxes me such as going for long walks, yoga classes, and generally relaxing at home. Because January has many public holidays we make sure to utilize these days resting before the mad rush begins.

4. What’s the most interesting /unique Valentine’s Day request you’ve had?

We had a 100 red rose bouquet ordered the day before Valentine's day and wanted a cake shaped in a heart. We were already at full capacity, however, I was able to source the red roses and asked our neighbouring patisserie chef to create a last-minute cake which they were able to do in the nick of time. The florists loved preparing and arranging this bouquet. The courier driver who was in charge of it told us the next day that it was an experience he will never forget. We got a positive email back from the sender thanking us for the beautiful roses and sourcing the cake.