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Jan 31, 2020

A Valentine'S Day Interview With K+T Florals

We sat down with Katie from K&T Florals to discuss trending Valentine's Day designs, what she does to prepare her shop and what self-care method does she use to keep up with the rush!

1. Do you believe roses will be the biggest floral request for 2020 Valentine’s designs or have you seen a shift in trends towards other flowers?

Yes and no, last year we found a lot of people wanted to purchase mixed colour arrangements instead of the traditional red roses. We will have to see what this Valentines brings!

2. What do you or your team do to prepare for Valentine’s Day orders/rush? E.g. hire more staff, only provide certain styles, create a widespread ‘Valentine’s Day themed options.

Just like any other day there is only two of us in store so we try and make sure we’re on top of everything before the big day. We make sure to order our flowers ASAP from our local Rose grower, that way we are guaranteed the Roses we’re after. We try and stick to only 2-3 roses colours & 3 different styles of arrangements. We also try & prompt our customers to pre order so they don’t miss out on the day!

3. What type of self-care do you practice past/before Valentine’s Day?

Lots of sleep! Before (if we can) and definitely after, we try and prepare as much of the flowers & shop as we can the night before, that way we can open early & not have to fuss. Looking after our hands & feet is an important one too, we are on our feet all day & the night before, so we try and look after ourselves in that way too.

4. What’s the most interesting /unique Valentine’s Day request you’ve had?

We have been asked to put together 500 Red Roses before, I’ve never had such sore hands & it’s much harder to put together than you would think!