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Aug 30, 2018

August Flower Of The Month - Hellebore

Also known as a ‘Winter Rose’, Hellebores are a perennial that derive from the Ranunculaceae family. There are approximately 20 different species, with colours ranging from natural greens to rich pur­ples.

The hellebore is definitely one of the most popular flowers with florists. It’s season is highly anticipated each year.

The bloom is grown best in the winter months, starting around June, making it a popular choice for Winter weddings. Loved for it’s moody essence, the hellebore is particularly popular in it’s double variety. The variety 'Magnificent Bell' is also common and has a longer season.

Hellebore do have a tendancy to droop in warmer environments. We have heard all kinds of remedies to this, including soaking them in the bath, burning the base of the stem and even putting a bit of gin in the water. (Though if you ask us gin works better mixed with tonic water and absorbed through our mouths.)

Not to be eaten due to it’s toxicity, historians believe that Hellebores were included in the herbal mixture that may have been used to poison Alexander the Great.