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Jul 9, 2019

Avoid These Mistakes With Your Fresh Flowers

There's nothing nicer than placing a fresh bunch of flowers in a vase and enjoying the view - you've done the hard yards of carefully picking which flowers to buy, filling the vase with water and putting in the vase. Unfortunately, this isn't where it ends. Feel Good With Flowers is here to give you the low down on how to best care for your cut flowers for the best vase life.

Our Top Common Flower Mistakes:

1) Ignoring the Stems

Your flowers will need to drink water to keep looking as fresh. Flowers use their stems to drink water from the vase, so pay careful attention.

It's best to cut your stems on a 45-degree angle cut, leaving them able to stand up in the vase and drink the water. If they have already been cut, remember to re-cut the stems every few days to refresh the flowers and removing any dying stems from the vase.

2) Using a Dirty Flower Vase

Before you fill your vase, its best to check whether or not that vase is clean! To give your flowers the best vase life, make sure the vase is clean of any old organic waste from previous flowers, dirt or residue. Fill your vase with some soap and warm water, rinsing thoroughly before placing your flowers in the vase - no one likes drinking soapy water!

3) Forgetting to Change the Water

Flowers need water before being cut and afterward as well. Flowers use their stem to drink water to keep the flower alive and flourishing for longer. To help to keep your flowers looking fresh we recommend changing the water every two days, disposing of any old water and residue left in the vase.

4) Freezing/Overheating Your Flowers

When choosing where to place your flowers, it's good to consider which part of the room you're going to place them. Make sure they aren't directly in any heat/sunlight or near a draft, as this will decrease their lifespan - no wants to freeze or overheat!

5) Removing Leaves or Other Dead Flowers

As your flowers slowly die, the leaves will begin to drop. It's a good idea to remove these as it will keep the water cleaner for longer, free of bacteria and your flowers will be happy for it! If any flowers are beginning to die, remove these as well as they will let off-gases, shortening the vase life of the other flowers.

6) Keep Away From The Fruit

Avoid placing your flowers next to any fruit, as ripening fruit releases ethylene gas which reduces the vase life of your flowers.