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Jan 29, 2020

Exploring The Red Rose Stem Meaning

Thinking of purchasing a bouquet of roses for your loved one this Valentine Day?

By now you've probably noticed a strong link between love and red roses, making the red bloom the obvious Valentine Day flower of choice, but have you ever wondered why we give red roses on Valentine's Day? We can all agree that the beauty of the red rose is profound and the most tangible way to say I love you, but how has these meaning developed over the centuries and the stems you receive?

Red Rose Meaning by Stem Number

The red rose has a long-standing ancient Greek and Roman history as the associated flower Aphrodite and Venus - the goddesses of love. Roses were the symbol of the goddesses and painted throughout history as a red rose. The red rose meaning adapted over time as the symbol of love. The number of roses used in a bouquet gives the roses further meanings:

1 Single Stem: New love or love at first sight.

2 Stems: Bonded love or two of a kind

3 Stems: I love You

10 Stems: The perfect number - tell the receiver you think they are 10

12 Stems: A dozen roses is the most popular way to express your love

24 Stems: Clearly state 'I'm Yours'

36 Stems: Above and beyond, this spells 'totally in love'.

50 Stems: A grand arrangement of red roses, you're celebrating the love of your life.