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Mar 6, 2019

February Flower Of The Month - Limonium

Sweet, wispy and papery, Limonium is made up of hundreds of tiny blooms. A popular wedding arrangement choice, you can see why for its dainty flower appearance creates a lovely filling effect and a romantic vibe.

Limonium thrives in the summer months and the bloom lasts up to 8 days. This little delicate bloom comes in colours of pink, white, purple, blue, silver and yellow – as well as can be dried and dyed!

However, it may be delicate and small, but to beware of the scent of limonium if using in a contained space as it can give off an unpleasant scent.

To see more of how Limonium can be used in an arrangement, see our Trish Peng collaboration with MIT, School of Floristry post