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Jan 13, 2021

Fresh Flower Care Tips

Got your flowers home and wanting to know what to do next? Check out our favourite tips on keeping your bloom in top condition

Rose Petals:

If you've purchase roses, make sure to remove the 'guard petals' - these are the outside petals used to protect the rose from damage. Now that you're roses are home, it's safe to remove the guard petals - this will give them a fresh new look and will stop the flower sending energy to these petals. Remove each guard petal by gently grasping at the bottom and give a slight tug.

Tight Buds:

Purchase your flowers in a 'tight bud' stage, so you can watch them transform into full blooms. When flowers arrive in a tight bud form, you'll be able to enjoy the blooms for longer and watch the transformation taken place.

The Vase:

Find a large vase that will hold and support your flowers fully. Make sure that it's been cleaned with soap and water to ensure no bacteria can harm your flowers.

Give them water!

Once your flowers leave the florist shop, it might be a while until they have had a drink! To perk up the blooms and give your flowers some freshwater.

Trim the Stems:

The tips of your stems will be dry after delivery and might struggle to drink up the water. With a quick trim, your flowers will be able to drink more efficiently. Trim your stems 1cm at a 45-degree angle.

Change the water:

Make sure to change the water every 2-3 days to keep your flowers looking fresh!

Find the Perfect Place:

Make sure to keep your flowers out of the sunlight! The sunlight can damage your blooms and dehydrated the petals. To avoid dry flowers, keep away from the sunlight and fans.