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Jul 22, 2021

Have A Cosy Night In!

Let Winter Bloom with Gourmet Delights and Seasonal Flowers - the Perfect Match for Inspired Entertaining and a Cosy Night In

The wind is whistling, the rain is pouring, the fire is burning and the candles are lit. Chilly evenings call for cosy nights in - make yours one to remember with a sensory wonderland of gourmet delights and inspired seasonal florals to match!

In a stunning collaboration with Paddock to Pantry and Feel Good with Flowers have carefully curated the very best NZ grown flowers alongside all the rich pickings of the gourmet grocery world. Whether it’s an evening just for you, an intimate dinner for two or a platter shared amongst friends by the fire - your perfect winter’s night has arrived! We have carefully created a list of the very best local treats from Paddock to Pantry and seasonal flowers to inspire you and easily re-create at home!

Be inspired by the beauty of the season and pair your next delicious feast with florals that complement all the colours and scents of a glorious, indulgent winter! As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes, so a stunning visual feast that combines local blooms with spectacular treats and wines is guaranteed to inspire hungry bellies and a delicious sensory duo.

Invite your nearest and dearest to taste the decadent delights of gourmet foodie selections, either from your local supermarket or Paddock and Pantry, paired with rich wines and gorgeous, seasonal florals to evoke all the senses. Find the music that speaks to wintry souls, burn a candle that embraces the mood and sit back and indulge body and mind in a haven of relaxation and celebration of the season. If you’ve been invited for dinner elsewhere, use seasonal elements to inspire your choice of florals to give to the host - a stunning way to say thank you and give them blooms to last. Ask your local florist for tips and advice on what seasonal blooms are the best match your dining experience, your living space areas and explain the type of dining event you're attending or hosting!

Florals aren’t simply for gifting to others either - there’s nothing more beautiful than giving yourself blooms to enjoy at home in your favourite spaces. Even better, if guests are due, you’ll have florals at the ready to complement your foodie choices and evoke all the senses - sight, smell and taste!

For our 'Cosy Night In' we choose the following locally grown and in-season flowers and foliage (see below the images) to pair with our wine and cheese. Each flower and foliage is rich in texture to evoke warmth, colour matched to our food and create a beautiful scent to bring the flavours out of our local produce. Ask your local florist to re-create this recipe or ask for a couple of stems for a effective, yet impactful visual display.

Seasonal Flowers We Used:

  • Blue Wattle Foliage
  • Pink Erica
  • Red Naomi Roses
  • Dark Caramel Cymbidium Orchids
  • Phylica Flower
  • Viburnum Flower
  • Venus Proteas
  • Leucadendron Safari Sunset

Food and Wine Paired:

  • Two Paddocks Pinot Noir
  • Devonport Chocolate Dessert Treats
  • She Universe Sassy Sesame Snap
  • Merlot Wine Jelly
  • Totara Cottage Balsamic Crackers
  • Hogarth Log
  • Puhoi Triple Cream Cheese
  • Clevedon Tartinade
  • Spiegelau Wine Glasses

How To Care For Your Blooms:

Follow these simple steps to get the best from your florals:

  1. Fill a clean vase with room temperature water and mix in flower food.
  2. Remove any wrapping.
  3. Trim stems 2cm at an angled cut.
  4. Place into vase.
  5. Change the water and recut the stems every two days.

For a deliciously decadent foodie experience, visit or find your nearest floral retailer at