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May 26, 2021

How To Care For Your Proteas

Protea season is here! Be smitten with these wild beauties and see what all the floral fuss is about

Be captivated by NZ grown Proteas and enjoy these oh-so-unique blooms. Proteas have a soft and velvety texture, with a mass of individual flowers at the centre that are protected by hardy petaled bracts. Grown in harsh conditions around the world, did you know that Proteas have a proteoid root system, allowing them to survive in soil that isn’t as rich in nutrients? In New Zealand, our coastal gardens and soil provide the perfect growing conditions.

Proteas date back 300 million years ago and are considered one of the oldest blooms found on earth today! An evergreen bush, their bloom season starts in April and finishes in October. Once these blooms begin to wilt, they make beautiful dried flowers. Hang the flower stems upside down and place them in a dry area for two to three weeks – you can have them as an on-trend statement for months to come!

Create Your Own Arrangement!

Become your own designer/home stylist with these 'how-to' tips and our Protea bouquet recipe!

What You'll Need:

  • 1 clean vase - supportive and big enough to hold your stems
  • Pair of pruning shears
  • 1 packet of flower food
  • 7 stems of your choice of proteas - we used Pink Ice Proteas
  • 6 stems of foliage - we used Leucadendrons

How To Arrange and Care For Your Proteas

Proteas last up to two weeks with proper care. Follow these tips to ensure the best vase life for your Proteas:

  1. Fill 1/2 of a clean vase with room temperature water and mix in the flower food
  2. Trim 2cm off your choice of foliage/Leucadendrons at an angled cut and arrange them into the vase
  3. Remove any leaves that will be below the water line - leaves under the waterline may cause bacteria to grow!
  4. Trim 2cm off the Protea stems at an angled cut and arrange them into your foliage/Leucadendrons
  5. Change the water every two days as Proteas are thirsty drinkers and be sure to re-cut the stems.
  6. Place your arrangement in a cool space, avoiding direct sunlight, fruit bowls and hot rooms.

Pro Tip: Check your water level after 24hrs as your flowers will drink an expectational large amount after arrival