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Mar 1, 2021

Improve Your Mood With Fresh Flowers

We all know that flowers and plants are green healers. Within their delightfully-delicate petals, our blooming buddies hold the secrets to a better mood. Even more so, they can have a fundamental impact on our health — reducing stress and helping us to find peace of mind. But what's the science behind it? And is it as simple as adding a full vase of flowers on your table to cure those frazzled nerves?

1) Flowers can help you sleep

Sleeping properly is key to a general overall healthy wellbeing. The smell of lavender is proven to lower your heart rate and blood pressure - meaning you can relax! The more relaxed a person feels, the more likely you are to drift off to sleep. Other flowers like Gerberas are also helped you to sleep as they have the ability to increase the oxygen in your room at night. Orchids absorb carbon dioxide during the day and release oxygen in the evenings - keeping these flowers on your nightstand can mean easy night breathing.

2) Flowers can help you heal

American Society of Horticulture recently conducted a study into whether plants have a therapeutic influence on surgical patients. The results? Flowers actually make you feel physically better!

The study was conducted on 90 patients and was split into rooms with and without plants. The patients exposed to flowers and plants had lower blood pressure and heart rate, recorded lower ratings of pain, reduced anxiety and fatigue and reported more positive feelings and satisfaction about their rooms.

Not only are flowers beautiful, but they genuinely help to heal and nurture!

3) Colour Therapy

We all associate colours with different mood - red can mean love, anger or danger, yellow is usually associated with happiness and sunshine. Blue can signify calm or sadness and green is linked to safety, which could explain why having lots of leafy plants around creates such a comfortable environment.

On top of this, we each have our own personal relationships with colours that can bring to mind a happy or sad memory and influence our reactions. Suddenly, choosing the colour of your flowers becomes a bigger decision than you thought! Of course, it’s also a great chance to create a particular emotion or feeling in whoever will receive the flowers.

4) Flowers can make you more productive

Studies have shown that offices with plants increase brain performance and encourage creativity. Sparse, clean offices might look impressive to people passing through, but they don’t offer any visual stimulation for those that have to spend all day there, which could have an impact on productivity.

It’s not just workers, either. Studies have also shown the putting plants in classrooms and lecture halls increases attendance. It turns out that having plants around can make you happier and more attentive, wherever you are!

5) Fresh flower evokes memories

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and can trigger instant memories. A rose’s or a lily's robust smell can fill a room with just one flower. Choose familiar bouquets or flowers that bring back positive memories of your wedding, family members favourite flowers or a special moment.