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Apr 13, 2021

In Season Now Tulips - Pr Release

Celebrate the Turn of the Season with Tulips - Feminine Florals with a Sense of Fun!

Crunchy leaves, crisper mornings and a breath of fresh air - all the colours and abundance of autumn are here, so celebrate new season aesthetics with bright, bold and beautiful tulips, in season now!

The perfect way to support local, these fun, playful and vibrant florals are the essence of a fresh new flower season and add a unique touch to any home space. Simply pick the hue to suit your style!

From bold pinks to burnt orange and soft yellows, tulips make stunning solo florals, or add a lush touch with deep green leaves for a fun, feminine creation. With their unique shape and cheerful vibe, tulips are all about embracing your happy place.

Tulips can last up to 5+ days in a vase with proper care. Follow these steps to get the best out of your fresh florals.

  • Fill your clean vase 1/3 with room temperature water and add flower food.
  • Remove any leaves underneath the waterline.
  • Trim 1cm off the stems.
  • Keep away from fruit bowls and direct sunlight.
  • Recondition your florals every two days by changing the water and recutting the stems.

Tulips’ longer than average stems require more support, so they don’t droop or break in half. They are phototropic, meaning they bend towards the light, and keep growing up to 5cm once cut! Tulips also prefer a frost to help develop the flower bud and should be purchased in a tight bud stage.

Look out for NZ grown tulips at your local florist or supermarket.

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