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Jul 13, 2021

It'S Daffodil Season!

It's Daffodil Season! Who doesn't smile when receiving a bunch of Daffodils? (or any flowers for that matter!) These bright and cheerful blooms fill your home with their sweet scent and can give you a bit of a 'mood boost' this winter.

Usually associated with being a spring flower, cut Daffodils start their NZ season in winter and are available from June through to October. Did you know that Daffodils have been commercially cultivated since the 16th century? This long history of breeding has resulted in thousands of different cultivars and becoming an important commercial crop planted in The Netherlands. Here in NZ, you can choose from single, double or ruffled petaled varieties grown in various yellows, pinks, creams and orange.

Top Tip: When Daffodils stems are cut, they emit a kind of ap that can be harmful to other flowers. Soak the cut Daffodil stems alone in water overnight and then rinse the stems before arranging them with other flowers. This will ensure the best vase life for both your Daffodils and the products you mix them with.

How To Care For Your Daffodils:

Daffodils can last to 4 - 6 days in a vase with proper care. You can follow these steps below to make sure you get the best out of your Daffodils.

  1. Cut your Daffodil stems and leave in water overnight to drain the sap
  2. Fill a clean vase with 1/2 of room temperature water and mix in flower food
  3. Rinse your drained Daffodil stems and trim 1 - 2cm off the Daffodil stems.
  4. Change the water as Daffodils will continue to release sap into the water and recut the stems every two days.
  5. Place your arrangement in a cool space, avoiding direct sunlight, fruit bowls and hot rooms.