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Jun 1, 2018

June Flower Of The Month - Cymbidium

A sought-after flower amongst florists, the Cymbidium Orchid seemed like the perfect bloom for our first ever 'flower of the month'.

Cymbidiums are also known as a ‘boat orchid’, though in no way resemble a boat. Supposedly it’s due to the way the lip of the flower turns up.

They are known for coming in a large variety of colours including white, green, orange, pinks and browns. Cymbidiums are popular for their longevity, having a vase life of 4 – 6 weeks. They can be used as a single stem, or each waxy flower can be individually wired for work such as crowns or corsages.

Cymbidiums found their origins thousands of years ago in Asia. Rumour has it Confucius titled this variety of orchid as ‘the King of fragrance.’ While not as potent in modern times, they can still carry a subtle, pleasant scent.

These days, Cymbidium Orchids are grown throughout the world, including New Zealand. Our little country actually has a reputation for high quality Cymbidium exports. Because our climate is opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, NZ Grown Cymbidiums fit in perfectly in other countries 'off seasons'.

The NZ Cymbidium season runs through winter, as the flower thrives in colder climates.