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Jul 17, 2019

Love What'S In Season - Anemones

New Zealand Anemones are in season!

For the month of July, we're celebrating Anemones. Starting in May until September, Anemones are grown throughout New Zealand and are a hardy flower to grow. With delicate petals, Anemones are generally sold when the petals are close together and open in the light. At night Anemones petals close and reopen in the morning to protect itself from the cold nights. Because of this, Anemones can often represent relaxation.

You can expand the vase life of Anemones by changing the water every day. Anemones have a vase life of 5 - 8 days with proper care.

How to Care For Your Anemones

1) Fill a clean vase with room temperature water to only a shallow amount and add flower food

2) Cut the end of the stem off diagonally

3) Make sure the Anemones have enough room to open and close

4) Don't place the vase in full sun, near a draught or a fruit bowl. Anemones prefer cool areas and will open and close when placed in the sun or heat.

5) Anemones are thirsty flowers, so fill and change the water regularly.

Our Featured Grower

Christy, from Nourish Gardens, is a local Anemones grower, based on Waiheke Island, Auckland. Christy has been growing Anemones on the property since 2016.

Christy, from Nourish Gardens

Fun Fact

The name of the Anemone flower has two stories. One theory is that the name Anemone has been taken from the Greek word "anemos", translating to "wind". The seeds are fluffy and are spread by the wind.

The second theory comes from the Greek mythology. Anemona was a nymph in the palace of the goddess Flora. According to the story, Floras Zephyr, was the goddess of the wind, who fell in love with Anemona, so the jealous goddess turned her into a flower, resulting in the name we have today - Anemone.