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Jun 24, 2019

Love What'S In Season - Cymbidium Orchids

New Zealand Cymbidium Orchids are in season!

For the month of June, we're celebrating Cymbidium Orchids! Starting in April and finishing in October, Cymbidium Orchids are primary grown in the North Island, however, can be grown anywhere in New Zealand due to our perfect climate.

To expand the vase life of a Cymbidium Orchid, keep this beauty in room temperatures between 8 to 12 degrees and place into a tall, supportive vase. Cymbidium Orchids average vase life is up to 14+ days with proper care

How to Care For Your Cymbidium Orchids

1) Cut the stems diagonally 1 cm

2) Place the flower in a clean vase, with lukewarm water and put in flower food

3) Make sure the stem is covered in enough water and properly supported in the vase

4) Cut 1 cm off the stem very five days and change the water

5) If the Cymbidium Orchid is placed in a tube when it used in an arrangement or a bouquet, check regularly if there is still enough water in it.

Our Grower

Dirk and Hanneke Oostdam from Ruby Orchids, is one of our local Cymbidium Orchid growers based in Drury, South Auckland. Dirk and Hanneke have been growing Cymbidium Orchids on the property since 1990.

Fun Fact

The Cymbidium Orchid is regarded as a special gift for friends in China as it symbolism a valued and respectful friendship. A delicate looking flower, its a real survivor, originating from the rockface of the Himalaya mountain range. Living in in rocky, cold and bright conditions, the Cymbidium still produces an elegant bloom.