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Aug 22, 2019

Love What'S In Season - Hellebores

New Zealand Hellebores are in season!

For the month of August, we're celebrating Hellebores. Starting in August until October, Hellebores are grown throughout New Zealand and are suitable in a range of different climates. Also known as 'the winter rose' or 'lenten rose', Hellebores make their debut during the cold winter months. In the northern hemisphere this coincides with the Christian festival of lent, hence the name Lenten Rose.

You can expand the vase life of Hellebores by placing the stems into hot water for 30 seconds to sear the stems. Hellebores average vase life is 5 to 7 days with proper care.

How To Care For Hellebores

- Fill a clean vase with room temperature water and add flower food to the water

- Cut the stems 1cm diagonally and remove any leaves that will be touching the water

- Place the stems into hot water for 30 seconds to sear the stems

- Change the water every 2 days and recut the stems.

- Keep Hellebores out of direct sunlight and away from any fruit/fruit bowls

Meet Our Growers

Warrick, Suzi and their 3 young boys from Ana Te Kereru are one of our local Hellebore growers from Gisborne. Ara Te Kereru – means “The Path of the Wood Pigeon”, and has been running as an organic farm since 1999. Warrick and Suzi recently purchased the property in 2019 and the focus is on producing organic products, with the importance of the health and sustainability of our environment and people at the core.

Fun Fact

Hellebores were believed to have magical powers because they bloom in the cold winter weather. Because their roots are not edible, they were thought to contain evil spirits and scandal.