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Oct 29, 2019

October Flower Of The Month

Layers of silky petals, funky colours and texture, Ranunculus are a unique flower. A spring-time favourite, get these beauties while you can!

Ranunculus name is a tricky one to say! The name comes from two Latin words - “rana” meaning frog and “unculus” meaning little. It's believed the name comes from Ranunculus growing alongside streams.

To care for Ranunculus once you're home, Ranunculus petals are very delicate and the blooms require attention. Handle the blooms with care when placing into vases or cutting the stems. Follow these steps:

  • Fill a clean vase with warm water.
  • Add flower food or a teaspoon of sugar to the water.
  • Trim 1cm off the end of the stem inch off from the bottom of each stem.
  • Remove all excess foliage below the waterline.
  • Place into vase.