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Nov 27, 2019

Our 6 Festive Wreath Designs

The Succulent Wreath

The perfect wreath for the plant lovers! We love this succulent wreath that's a little from the traditional 'red and green' colours and florals. Succulents add different textures to your traditional wreath.

The Foliage Wreath

A muted colour palette, with pops of red, this simple yet effective design uses Magnolia foliage green and brown underneath, to create a depth and colour. Adding pops of winter berries and fern to give a traditional Christmas vibe, this wreath will last the full lead up to Christmas.

The Minimalist Wreath

Keep the hoop design as the focal point with a star, heart or any shape and add foliage/flowers to the corner. This can add a simple and understated look to your door. Keep it simple with foliage or add a pop of festival colours by addings Chrysanthemums, Manuka or a Christmas lily.

The Fruitcake Wreath

Cinnamon sticks and dried lemons - the main ingredients for a Christmas fruitcake! If you're a major foodie or the next hottest home baker, add the cooking flair to your Christmas wreath.

The Floral Wreath

If you're wanting something more pinks and red, you can't go past this wreath! Tie me up with a ribbon, add some pink roses, fake strawberries (real ones may go yuck in the sun!) and foliage, and you've got yourself a pretty wreath. You can substitute roses for Chyransthums, Calla Lilies or Carnations.

The Decoration Wreath

Wanting to incorporate your Christmas tree theme throughout the house? Adding a simple foliage and a hanging decoration, can be a simple yet effective way to bnring the Christmas cheer.