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May 27, 2019

Our Featured Protea Grower - Jess Cooke

Love What’s in Season is about celebrating and creating awareness of the New Zealand flower growers and floriculture sector. This is about shining a spotlight on the local products produced, the flower industry and the art of bringing joy through a beautiful product. For the month of May, we're shining a special light on Protea's and our local grower, Jess, from Peninsula Flowers.

Jess Cooke, from Peninsula Flowers, is a local Protea grower, based in Barry's Bay, Banks Peninsula, Christchurch. Jess's family has been growing on the farm since the 1980s, and Jess has taken over in the last couple of years.

Jess specialises in growing Proteas, Leucadendrons and Leucospermums as well as a small variety of other cut flowers including Banksias, Waratahs, Tulips, spring flowers and Sunflowers. They have also just added Cybidium Orchids to the mix, specialising in plants for you to take home.