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May 27, 2019

Our Featured Tulip Grower - Joost Kerkhoven

Love What’s in Season is about celebrating and creating awareness of the New Zealand flower growers and floriculture sector. This is about shining a spotlight on the local products produced, the flower industry and the art of bringing joy through a beautiful product. For the month of March, we're shining a special light on Tulips and our local grower Joost from KJ Flowers.

Joost Kerkhoven, from KJ Flowers is a local tulip grower based in Pukekohe, Auckland. Joost has been growing Tulips in New Zealand since 1997. See more images below of his Tulip farm and the production process.

Joost first started growing Tulips in Holland, where he honed his craft and learned about different varities of Tulips. Joost also grows variety of other flowers, including White and Pink Oreintal Lilies.