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Sep 30, 2019

September Flower Of The Month

Gerberas are happy and cheerful blooms, sure to brighten any room. Currently ranked the world's fifth most popular flower, it's no wonder with the cheerfulness they evoke.

When purchasing a gerbera, you're technically buying two flowers! The petals and the eye of the gerbera are two different flowers in one, with the petals being a different colour and the eye of the flower another. Gerberas petals come in almost every colour in the rainbow!

Gerberas are also available all year round in New Zealand, making no excuses not to rush to your local florist and pick some of these beauties up! Follow these tips and tricks to learn how to best care for your gerberas:

Care Tips:

1) Find a clean vase or give your vase a good clean with warm water and soap.

2) Fill your vase with cold water, halfway and add flower food.

3) Trim your gerbera stems on a 45-degree angle

4) Place into a vase and arrange.

5) Every two to three days, change the water and re-cut the stems.

6) Keep away from any fruit, direct sunlight and any heating.

Gerbera Fun Fact:

If your needing 8 hours of sleep, pop some gerberas next to your bed. They help to put you under by releasing oxygen that helps remove chemicals from the air.