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Oct 12, 2018

Spring Explosion With Kensal Flower Studio

Meet Bruce the mini.

On the Friday before the spring equinox, Feel Good with Flowers collaborated with Liv from Kensal Flower Studio to create this beautiful floral car - featuring all NZ Grown spring blooms!

Spring is an exciting time of year for the flower industry. It’s when all the popular and more niche lines of flowers start to appear and the harsh winter prices get cheaper. This means it’s a time where floral retailers can finally breathe a little easier! It's the perfect time of year to make a statement and get people thinking floral again.

Kensal Flower Studio was born recently after the founder, Liv, returned from working as a florist in London. Inspired by her time in the UK and a love for colour and texture, Livs design style radiates English gardens and whimsical loveliness. She works out of a warehouse studio in Kingsland, Auckland.

Liv came up with the idea of putting a floral car on Shortland Street, one of Auckland busiest roads for foot traffic. On a Friday morning you will see lawyers and business workers on their way to work. One of the most special results of the flower explosion was the looks of pure joy and happiness on peoples faces as they saw something beautiful appear on an industrial road.

All the flowers on the car were New Zealand grown. The blooms include poppies, viburnum, anemones, tulips and snapdragons. There were also flowers such as stock, sweet peas and geranium giving off a sweet scent.

We are happy to say that the car is entirely floral foam free. Created with chicken wire in kitty litter trays, these are all products that can be reused for future installations.

Special thanks to Morgan, a friendly local who put his faith and trust into us by handing over the keys to his Mini for a day.

If you wanted to see more work by Kensal Flower Studio, you can check out their website here.

Images taken by Lottie Hedley.

View more images of Bruce in his full flower glory below: