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Mar 10, 2021

Thinking Beyond The Vase - Alternative Options

When it comes time to display your flowers, how do you choose to do it? The traditional glass vase, an old family hand me down or recycled mason jar - everyone has a different style and taste. We've come up with five ideas for inspirational ways to display your flowers and express your own individuality:

Teapots and Teacups

If you've got any old china teapots with a crack or chip that you no longer want to use, why not use them to hold a small arrangement? Perfect for any broken stems, easily moved around and placed on coffee tables, reuse what you've got!


For longer stemmed flowers like roses, gerberas or dahlias, tall necked bottles can be a perfect choice! Recycle old alcohol or olive oil bottles for a fun new look. Keep it interesting with different bottle colours, like green, blue or red

Mason Jars

The classic farmhouse decor, the mason jar is an easy DIY alternative for a vase. So versatile, anyone can find a simple mason jar to create their own display!


Have a spare pitcher in the cupboard? Whether a classic glass version or an antique stoneware — you can add a lively and serene touch to your interior by turning it into a wonderful vase

Tin Cans

Don't throw out those empty tin cans or old biscuit boxes, reuse them! Remove the labels and leave bare or recover with paint or ribbon.