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Feb 4, 2020

Top 5 Flowers To Give This Valentines

Choosing flowers on Valentine's can sometimes be a tricky task - you can opt for the classic roses or go for something lush and bold . We've made the decision easy and stressful free with our round up of top 5 flowers to give this Valentine's Day.


Classically beautiful and the symbol of Valentine's Day, the rose is the flower of choice for the romantics. The red rose speaks passion and romance to your loved one or a soft pink or white for your friends or family.


Coming in a range of varieties from oriental, asistic and rose lily, lilies are the perfect scented and long-last flower to give. Lilies symbolise humility and devotion, making the perfect bloom to show your love.


Gerberas just scream happiness and cheerfulness, lifting anyone's mood. With large flower heads and coming in a range of different varieties of textures and colours, the Gerbera stands as a symbol of beauty and purity - so why not gift Gerberas as a symbol of pure love?


Lisianthus are beautifully oval shaped and have a fluffy romantic appearance. Coming in a variety of soft and sweet colours from pink, purple and white. Lisianthus are also long-lasting cut flower and look lush with foliage or by themselves.


Hydrangeas are like soft clouds - boosting bountiful flowers, they create a soft and lush bouquet. Currently in season and readily available, pick up a bunch in soft pink or a romantic vintage antique colour.