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May 18, 2021

Your Guide To Unpacking, Prepping And Processing Your Flowers


Get ready for action when your fresh blooms arrive with our how-to guide on preparing your flowers for their new vase life! Remember - don't fret if you're stuck in traffic, need to start your dinner prep or you've got a coffee emergency, you're florist will have prepped and packed your flowers to last the journey! So relax a bit before we start!

Prep Your Station:

Find a clean and flat surface space, like a kitchen bench or dining table to place the flowers on. Find a pair of scissors or pruning shears and a clean vase filled with room temperature water. Add flower food to the water.

Unpack Your Flowers:

If you want to keep the wrap, skip the next part and start processing your flowers!

Remove any ribbon and wrap from the flowers and place into the bin. Once you've removed the wrap, carefully unwrap or cut the band around your flowers - your blooms are now free and you're ready for processing!

Process Your Flowers:

We love the nature of flowers, including all the leaves, but we want our flowers to be fresh and smelling good! If leaves sit in water, they are prone to becoming infected by bacteria, which results in a smelly mess. If the florist hasn't already removed any stems that will be below the waterline, remove the lower leaves on each stem. Remove any guard petals or lily stamens.

Get Them Ready For Action:

Pick up your flowers and cut 1cm off the stems at a 45-degree angle, using scissors or pruning shears. A sharper angle means more surface area for the flowers to drink water! Arrange the flowers into your vase once you've cut them and you're ready to go!

Key tip: Re-cut the stems every two days and replace the water.