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Jul 18, 2018

Caring For Asiatic And Oriental Lilies

Asiatic and Oriental varieties of Lilies are some of the most well know and popular flowers on the market.

We have listed some of the top tips for cut Lily care, to use in conjunction with our Flower Care guide.

Remove any leaves that sit below the water
When leaves sit in water, they are quicker to rot. This creates nasty bacteria that can reduce the vase life of your lilies. Ensure you clear the stem of any foliage.

Remove stamens
Remove lily stamens to avoid pollen staining your clothes, furniture etc. If you do happen to get the pollen on fabric, remove it with sticky tape.

Avoid heat and sunlight
Cut lilies prefer a cooler room and little to no sunlight. This allows them to last longer.

Forcing lilies to open
If you would prefer your lilies to open sooner, (i.e. for a special event), place them in warm water, in a warm room. Sunlight and removing the stamens will also help trigger the blooms to open.

Keep lilies away from pets
Keep your lilies away from pets (particularly Cats) as they can be poisonous if digested.